Air Conditioning Maintenance

Safeguard the efficiency and long life of your air conditioning system.

Breakdowns occur when equipment has not been well maintained.

How important is it to you that your air conditioning keeps your premises at the right temperature, all year?

Whether your equipment regulates the environment of your home, your shop or an industrial facility, a preventable air conditioning breakdown is a major inconvenience.

Machinery which has not had the benefit of a regular service may also need to be replaced sooner than a well maintained system, an avoidable cost.
Control the wear and tear on your air conditioning, especially in the summer months, by arranging a visit from our engineers once or twice a year to perform a check.

  • Filters become clogged with dirt and debris: we can clean or replace them to prevent your system overheating.

  • Condenser and evaporator coils and drains cleaned.

  • Oil levels monitored and corrected.

  • Tests carried out for any leakages.

  • Refrigerant levels and purity checked.

  • Worn parts replaced.

  • Thermostat checked.

Large or small, old or new, we can service your air conditioning. Call for more information on: 01942 200995